Wonder Honey Honey Dew Hand Cream Gift Set

Indulge in our  limited-edition Wonder Honey gentle hand creams by VECUA Honey

hand cream set

Wonder Honey Honey Dew Cooling Aromatic Hand Gel


15g X 6 tubes $ 36.00

Introducing the long-awaited variety pack of Wonder Honey’s Honey Dew popular hand creams, now in miniature!  Six adorably sized formulas delivered straight from the honeybee forest in charming carry pouch. Wonder Honey Honey Dew Hand Cream

  1. White Rose – The fresh, relaxing scent of precious wild roses
  2. Green Tea Mint – Hints of green tea and mint combine to bring relaxation and refreshment
  3. Citrus Sorbet – This scent calls to mind fresh-picked grapefruits whipped into a cooling sorbet, rich with citrus notes
  4. Peach Compote – Rich peach compote scent punctuated with juicy fruit aroma
  5. Maple Honey – Maple syrup and honey create a comforting fragrance that is both sweet and subtle
  6. Flower Gelee – Floral gelée meets a hint of green apple in this fragrant bouquet scent

This set of limited-edition VECUA Honey’s Wonder Honey Hand Cream Gift Set is the perfect way to try out several of our popular hand creams at once. Get four rich hand creams from our Hand Cream line, plus two refreshing gel moisturisers from our Cooling Aromatic Hand Gel line.  Treat yourself, or give this charming gift to someone you love. Main ingredients: Honey (moisturiser), royal jelly (anti-aging), walnut extract (promotes transparency), white birch bark extract (anti-aging). Usage: Squeeze some onto palm and gently massage into fingers and hands. Made in Japan.