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enrich eye conc

Vecua Honey Nature Living Essence Enrich Eye Conc


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Product Description

VE-51357  Vecua Honey Nature Living Essence Enrich
Eye Conc 3.5 g  S$ 45
Do you feel that the under eye skin can be dry during the middle of the day? The best solution is to quickly reapply an eye moisturiser to give it a delicate moisture veil, and this “Enrich Eye Concentrate” can be applied on top of your makeup. You can also use this Eye Con before using your eyecream as an eye serum. Packaged as a compact stick type, it is handy to use and easy to carry around. You can also apply it with your fingertips.
Other than the eye area, the essence can be applied to wrinkles, between the eyebrows, nasolabial fold, forehead lines and corners of the mouth as well. The product exudes an alluring scent of forest floral which smells like a gentle flower fragrance blown across the green field in the wind.
* How to Use
Apply the product and massage around the eye area, forehead, between the eyebrows, nasolabial fold and corners of the mouth to moisturise the skin whenever you need it. Even when you have makeup on, this product can be applied and be absorbed.
* Key Ingredients
Hokkaido acacia honey (moisturizing effect), lactic acid bacteria fermentation liquid to produce royal jelly fermentation (moisturizing effect), royal jelly extract (moisturizing effect), beeswax (moisturizing effect), collagen (I type · II type-moisturizing effect), blackberry lily extract (skin conditioning effect), biotin (skin conditioning action), hesperidin (skin conditioning action), propolis extract (skin conditioning action), Lentil extract (skin conditioning action), Izumo Yumura hot spring water (skin conditioning action).

Full Ingredientes :Mineral oil, isocetyl stearate, paraffin, Toriechiruhekisanoin, ceresin, microcrystalline wax, tetra (hydroxystearic acid / isostearic acid) dipentaerythrityl, beeswax, petrolatum, stearyl glycyrrhetinic acid, hesperidin, succinoglucan Il atelocollagen, Tetraisopalmitate ascorbyl, tocopherol, honey, honey extract, blackberry lily extract, biotin, lentil seed extract, propolis extract, lauroylglutamic di (phytosteryl / octyldodecyl), royal jelly, royal jelly extract, hot spring water, lactic acid bacilli / royal jelly fermentation solution, lactic acid bacilli / milk fermentation broth , BG, ethanol, ethylhexyl glycerin, glycerin, coconut oil alkyl glucoside, water, phenoxyethanol, fragrance, iron oxide

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