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Wonder Honey Clay Mask – strawberry


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Product Description

Wonder Honey Clay Mask – strawberry 160g

Made with Okinawan sea mud and brown clay for
pore-free, smooth and clear skin.

A cute mask with a light pink color is full of beauty ingredients

Based on mineral-rich Okinawan sea mud and Moroccan brown clay (gasur)

A clay that contains plenty of fruit and plant benefits and can be used on the face and whole body ★

◆ Moisturizing ingredients: Strawberry seed extract, yogurt liquid, water-soluble collagen, Hokkaido acacia honey

◆ Skin conditioner: Juniper berry oil (Apricot fruit), rosehip oil (canina rose fruit), prune decomposition product

A clay mask for washing off that can be used on the face and whole body. Simply apply it to the areas where you are concerned about the roughness and dullness of your skin and wash it away, and Okinawa sea mud and Moroccan brown clay will absorb excess sebum, waste products, and pore dirt. Rich minerals give moisture and elasticity while preparing smooth and refreshing skin. Recommended for décolletage and hips.

* Strawberry scent: The sweet scent of sweet strawberries makes you feel happy.


[Moisturizing ingredients]: Strawberry seed extract, yogurt liquid, water-soluble collagen

[Skin-conditioning ingredients]: Sea mud (sea silt), Gasur (Moroccan lava clay), Juniper berry (Apricot fruit) oil, Rosehip (Canina rose fruit) oil

How to use;- 

Easy to use ♡

If you put out this clay mask, about the size of a big cherry

Apply it on your skin, avoiding the area around your eyes and mouth and wait for about 3 minutes.

But clay that you smooth texture soft So.  It’s easy to extend it to your entire face and to the parts of your body …

The sweet scent of strawberries is irresistible ♡

Impressed by the washed-out skin ♥

If you apply it on your face, wait for the surface to dry a little and wash it off …

Not only is the dullness of your skin missing, It seems that it cleans the pores well …

Soft and soft-touch ☆

For skin that was somewhat stiff due to cold and dry.  It’s soft and fluffy, and I’m really happy!

 limited summer collection, check it early ♪

Hold a large cherry in your hand and stretch it evenly around the eyes and mouth. After about 3 minutes, when the surface becomes dry, rinse thoroughly with water or lukewarm water.
Extend it evenly on the part you care about and then rinse it off like a face.

Full Ingredients: Water, kaolin, glycerin, BG, bentonite, pentylene glycol, strawberry seed extract, Guanabara fruit oil, honey, pruned products, yogurt liquid, water-soluble collagen, xanthan gum, citric acid, nezu fruit oil, sodium polyacrylate, Morocco Lava clay, sea salt, phenoxyethanol, fragrance, titanium oxide, iron oxide

Made in Japan



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